EMPLOYMENT - Effective 6/12/2020

The Third District Court of Appeals is accepting applications for Court Bailiff.  The position is intermittent/part-time, consisting of one day a week (usually Tuesday, occasionally Wednesday), between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.  Other days/times are rare, but possible.  The Bailiff also travels with the Court, approximately 1- 3 times a year, when a hearing is held in one of the 17 counties in the district other than Allen County.

Responsibilities:  preparing the courtroom and bench for hearings; assisting attorneys and visitors with the hearing schedule, rules of court, and court decorum; managing court security and, with assistance of a Deputy from the Allen County Sheriff’s Office, conducting security screening; opening court hearings and remaining in the courtroom for security; overseeing maintenance of metal detector and other security devices.  After hearings, organizing and disseminating merit briefs for future hearings; transporting files between the Allen County Clerk’s office and the Court; and other duties as assigned by the Court Administrator.

Qualifications:  substantial law enforcement experience; OPODA certification; general knowledge and understanding of the Court system; professional and courteous demeanor.

Salary range:  $29.00 - $33.00 per/hr
Application Deadline:  July 6, 2020

Please send resume with brief letter highlighting qualifications and interest, to:

Gregory B. Miller
Court Administrator & Magistrate
Third District Court of Appeals
204 N. Main St.
Lima, Ohio  45801

NEWS - Effective 4/6/2020


1) The Third District Court of Appeals remain in operation during regular business hours, with essential staff on site, and with other precautions in place, such as being temporarily closed to the public, in the interests of the health and safety of Court staff and the public.

2) The Court is directing all appellate counsel to proceed on the basis that all regular filing deadlines remain intact, subject to the normal practice of contacting the Court directly by phone, or filing a motion with the proper Clerk of Courts on a case-by-case basis, regarding the need for any extensions or continuances.

3) Cases that are set for hearing through April and May are currently being scheduled with consent of counsel for submission for written decision of the Court on the record and the briefs without oral argument. For the time being, requests for oral argument are being honored with the understanding that those cases will be postponed indefinitely until further notice.

4) However, in order to proceed with all cases in a timely manner and maintain the interests of public health and safety, a decision may be made by the Court at any time to order submission of any pending case to the Court on the record and the briefs for decision without oral argument, or to utilize alternate means such as phone or video hearings, depending on the urgency of circumstances in a given case, any applicable statutory mandates to expedite certain cases, prevailing public health circumstances in the State and/or any additional Orders from the Governor and the Chief Justice.