NEWS - Effective 8/10/2020


Upon expiration of the Ohio Supreme Court's March 27, 2020 Tolling Order and filing of the Ohio Supreme Court's July 31, 2020 Use of Technology Order, the Third District Court of Appeals gives notice of the following:

1) The Court continues to operate during regular business hours and with essential staff on site to safely and effectively execute its judicial purpose.

2) Attorneys, parties, and the public shall continue to direct all questions and case inquiries to Court staff by telephone and/or email only.

3) Appellate counsel and parties without counsel shall proceed and will be accountable under all filing deadlines set forth in law and/or an applicable rule of procedure, unless directed otherwise by court order.

4) Oral arguments will be assigned for in-person appearances at the Court of Appeals, in Lima, Ohio, starting August 11, 2020.  Masks are required upon entering the courthouse and may be removed only when  called upon to present oral argument.  Oral arguments will be presented from counsel table, not the podium.  Assignment of oral argument for each case will be adequately spaced apart to provide for the courtroom to be emptied and sanitized before the next scheduled argument.

5) A request to appear remotely and conduct oral argument by telephone conference in place of appearing in-person, based on individual vulnerability and concern of possible exposure to COVID-19, may be granted.

a) A motion requesting to appear remotely must be filed no later than one week prior to the assigned date for oral argument.

b) Consistent with the Ohio Supreme Court's Use of Technology Order, Section (C)(1), the grant of a motion to appear remotely by one party shall remove the oral argument as to all parties from in-person to telephone conference.

6) The foregoing is subject to change in the interest of justice and safety without notice, upon further directive or order of the Court.